Cohiba Siglo VI - hộp 10 điếu phân phối chính hãng tại shop cigarcuba

Cohiba Siglo VI - hộp 10 điếu phân phối chính hãng tại shop cigarcuba

Thể tích: 700ml

Nồng độ: 43%

Xuất xứ: Pháp

Cohiba Siglo VI - hộp 10 điếu phân phối chính hãng tại shop cigarcuba số 19 Phố Yên Ninh Hà Hội, là Hàng cao cấp chính hãng Cohiba Siglo IV có đủ tem chống hàng giả, có tem xuất khẩu của Cuba, có số Serial xuất xưởng của nhà máy. Hương vị đậm đặc, cay thơm là đặc trưng của xì gà Cohiba sẽ liên tục lan tỏa trong khoang mũi và miệng của bạn và giữ mãi hương vị đó cho đến khi nó trở nên quá ngắn đến mức bạn không thể cầm và thưởng thức nó lâu hơn.

Hộp gỗ: 10 điếu

Xuất xứ: Habanos Cuba

Thương hiệu


Hộp gỗ

10 điếu (25 điếu) (15 tubos)

Chiều dài

150 mm

Vòng đo


Mùi Vị

Kem, socola đen, cafe ca cao đen, cay...

Đánh Giá

9.2 điểm

Thời gian hút

65-80 phút


Thương hiệu: COHIBA

Sản phẩm: COHIBA SIGLO IV - hộp 10 điếu

Giá tham khảo xi ga Cohiba Siglo VI - hộp 10 điếu tại Cuba Anh và các nước trên thế giới:


Flavour: Medium
Length: 5 7/8" (150mm)
Ring Gauge: 52 ring gauge
Packaging: Box of 10


Tasting Notes

Launched to commemorate 10 years of the Siglo range. This unusually big format cigar makes it possible to appreciate the aroma and taste of the Linea 1492 with complete intensity. A must try for any serious cigar aficionado.

Taste Test

Reviewed by Andrew Miller

Have you even held a cigar that fit softly in your hands but felt as though it carried the influence of a gold brick!? Well this is that cigar. First impressions of the Siglo VI by Cohiba are that this is one cigar that is very well put together. It has that elusive charm of a Robusto, but the significance of a large cigar. This is one canon shot that gets your attention.

It was a fairly simple light for a cigar of this gauge and it required few corrections. This cigar was a unique experience for me as I was always trying to figure it out but always just missed its intentions. This cigar starts off aggressive and makes me think it will be spicy all the way, but just as you prepare for a frontal assault you can see the cigar shows its strategy and gives you a milder refinement found often in Hoyo De Monterrey cigars. Now at this point I was beginning to understand that I think I had just run into the first cigar that has ever outsmarted me! With a very sneaky coffee flavour that left a little bitter taste on the back of the tongue, and the consistent grassy flavour that defines the Cohiba brand this cigar was flowing with subtleties. An unusual taste for Cohiba is the underlying sweet influence of vanilla that is very difficult to pin down on this cigar (don't get me wrong though, there is only a slight influence here). An ever evolving spectrum of very subtle changes in flavour is what characterizes this stick and will have you more and more interested in the story this cigar has to tell. With a fantastic aroma and a great array of flavours this cigar is highly recommended (though my experience was with a two year old cigar, so age might be a factor).

All I can suggest is that you forget the hype surrounding this cigar. If you hear it is overrated or underrated forget what others say and allow yourself the simple pleasure of being intrigued by this clever cigar.

Reviewed by Ray Moxley (July 2004)

Received this in a cigar auction I recently won at a cigar site with a bunch of other old nasty smokes.

A beautiful day, temp in mid 70's, light breeze the wind chimes playing occasional notes for me. Worked out on the bowflex, part of my new years resolution to get this old fat body in shape.. Earlier in this relaxing day I had smoked an 2002 Cohiba Lancero, a 2003 Cohiba Exquisito, and a Punch Mini. I have smoked other Cohibas throughout this past year including Robusto, Siglo IV, and Siglo V and love them all.

For dinner I cooked up 3 massive ribeyes each weighing in at a pound + for my 19 year old son heading back to college tomorrow, my wife and I. Mashed taters on the side and salad with a delicious bottle of Australian Merlot wine.

Afterwards, decided it was time to fire up a hopefully memorable smoke and selected this one as it was massive in girth worthy of the fine meal I had just consumed, and this it is one I have not had the opportunity to smoke yet.

This 150mm by 52 is a massive cigar to behold! The wrapper absolutely beautiful, dark brown with a hint of red peeking through. Very fine veins run throughout, I had to shine a bright light on this to distinctly reveal them. I note that in the filler tobacco showing at the foot that there are several shades, about a third of it being very dark to black in colour. Mymouth waters.

I clipped this with my swiss army cigar cutter as the gauge made all my other cutters useless. After a few slow draws to savour the flavour which was not disappointing and to check the draw which was very easy, at 6:36 pm I torched the foot with my Colibri Trifecta to maximize the burn area and insure a uniform even light.

WOW! From the first draw I was overtaken by pure spice flavours as well as the unmistakable Cohiba flavour. The burn which is now past the first inch and a half has been even with out any attempt to run.

6:56 and the inch plus long, mottled gray ash just fell off on my last pull and landed with a thud on on the concrete floor in one piece after bouncing off my laptop which I am typing on as I smoke. I was able to pick up the ash without breaking it and lay it to rest it in the ashtray.

The aroma of this cigar is absolutely wonderful as well. I note a distinct sweetness to it and I hold the cigar in front of my face and wave the smoke into my nostrils with my hand.

Now starting into the middle third and the flavour has taken on a deeper richer tone. Fireworks shoot off in the distance, whistlers and bottle rockets and the stringed crackers, the cigar lay next to me and I am surrounded by the most wonderful aroma it is yielding to my wife, the two puppies and I. A mortar shell bursts as I take another draw and simultaneously experience that great steady Cohiba Spice as intensely as the retort and flashing from the nearby fireworks.

I examine the burn line between the ash and unburnt wrapper. It is very thin, black, and evenly enveloping the middle of the cigar now. I muse to myself that this wrapper is special and wonder about it's origins and history. When was it grown, how long has it cured. I wonder also how that spice flavour can be so prominent.

As I take another draw, I note that the spice flavour is fading and it is now becoming predominantly deeper in flavour, stronger in taste.

It is now 7:22 and we, my wife has joined me, are passing the midpoint of this cigar. The spice has definitely decreased but still noticeable, and Iwait for my wife to tell me it has gotten "too fuzzy" for her, she does not care for overly strong cigars.

Now in the last third and I am still picking up a slight spiciness, and the rich deep flavours.

7:36, I stand and stretch my legs, walk out by the pool, take some deep breaths and for the first time notice the chirping of insects nearby as the occasional firework retort sounds in the distance. I knock off the ash and torch the end to "sweeten" the last 2+ inches. I am not disappointed. Strong Cohiba Flavors now assault my palate with hints of the spice that was so strong earlier. The aroma is still heavenly as I sit and type again.

I try to loosen the band as the ash approaches it, but it will only slide a little. I'll have to wait for the ash to burn a little more then carefully slide it over the ash.

Finally, the band slips off at 7:43, I still have 2 inches to go. The wife heads inside with the puppies, a train whistle sounds mournfully in the distance as if echoing my sentiment that this wonderful past hour will soon be drawing to a close.

Now at the last inch and a half and the strength has taken over. The spice is gone and I feel a slight sweat break out on my brow as I draw heavily on the remaining fat nub.

Holey Cow, as I draw on this nub, I am once again assaulted with the spice and with the strength and rich flavours, where did that come from I wonder as I was just a moment ago considering laying this to rest, but now realize I must give this worthy cigar all it's due.

I stand again and walk out from under the porch and look up at the waxing moon and notice a clear and distinct halo as more fireworks sound off in the distance shooting up a series of retorts and explosions. I note now that I have a slight but comfortable buzzs going as I draw on the nub. I taste the heat of the fire entering my mouth as I continue to taste the spices and rich flavours. I am very surprised to be tasting this so late in this cigar. Perhaps it is the 52 ring gauge, perhaps it is the just a wonderful cigar. I draw again and burn my finger slightly but I cannot put it down yet.

Damn, it is now 8:03 and I just slightly burnt my lip, but the flavours are still coming, the aroma continues to envelop my senses, I am buzzing with delightful flavours.

8:05 and I am beginning to sweat a bit more, the flavour is now very strong and rich and my cigar is now less than an inch. Unfortunately, I am also beginning to burn my palate and I must stop. I lick my lips and still taste the sweet spices.

Well, this is one cigar I will not forget, and will have to find some more of to smoke again hopefully in the not too distant future. The writer, in my opinion , gave far too much background info. I really do not care what he had to eat, or with whom. After getting to the review , the images and description grab me as if I were sitting smoking with him.

I rate this review at a 6.5
Reviewed by: Jason Score: 6.5/10

Over long tedious novel which I read for about 3 sentences before nipping off to watch some paint dry. Hell, what gives - when do people have time to write this stuff?

Reviewed by: Asgard Score: 1/10

Not a bad review, but slightly too long for my liking, I prefer to read reviews that are more concise and to the point.

Reviewed by: Cigar Score: 4/10

Reviewed by Joe Gellman on 13th August 2003

Fire, the wheel, gunpowder, moveable type, the steam engine, and the computer. What does this have to do with my tasting note on the new Cohiba Siglo VI? They are all milestones in civilization.

I waited interminably for my Siglo VI to arrive in the mail. I am glad that I did not hold my breath, since it has not come, yet. On the other hand, I was favored with one at a recent Herf at Kelly Kimura's home, where Mitchell, recently landed from across the Pond, handed me my first Siglo VI. Mo said "Go on, light up."

Not being shy when offered a gift, I gingerly "felt up" the cigar, eyed it carefully, sniffed at it, felt about the body a few more times, and then placed the cigar into that patulous gap just below my nose; I had just tasted the new world of cigars! There was a gentle sweetness with a slight acidulous undertone, at first, and I could not wait to light up. Well, truth be told, I forgot to cut the head. I'd make a horrible moile.

A brief description of this newest Wonder from Cuba. It is 5 7/8 X 52. Wow! The deep, rich, maduro color, was enlivened by hints of oils on the wrapper. The corona leaf matured well in the sun, and seemed rich in sugars, and you could see little sap markings all over. The cigar was firm to the touch with no soft spots noted. There was a lushness to the smooth wrapper without any veins or blemishes. The foot was evenly cut, and the cap perfectly placed. Looking down at the base of the cigar I could see the swirls of evenly rolled tobacco.

I carefully cut the barest top of the cap off, not wanting to give up a scintilla of a puff. While Mo looked on, I searched for the correct lighter. I did not want to bruise the cigar when first lit, and opted for a simple wood match. No Blazer or Gas lighter, this time.

The first mild, slightly sweet, almost woody, fresh taste, passed my lips, making me believe this was a winner for Cohiba. The cigar had a perfect draw throughout the next hour. I nursed the cigar, trying to sense all the nuances the designers of the VI had in store for any lucky smoker who chanced upon their newest addition. The ash was of a medium gray and quite solid. The burn was surgically even. The smoke cool.

Throughout my delightful experience with this cigar, there were constant notes of a light sweetness, young leather, wood, a hint of spice (I almost hesitate to refer to it as tasting of cardamom), and a promise of fruit. I have to classify this cigar as full bodied yet, because it is very young, I would say that in a little time it will be a giant among all Cubans.

While the VI is an utter delight to smoke, I suggest it be given time to allow the various tobaccos to unify or meld, in order to bring out what is destined to be one of the greatest tasting cigars Cuba has produced in more than two dozen years, other than those made in limited numbers or for special events (I specifically refer to the Partagas 155 which, in my opinion, is one of the top 5 Cubans ever made).

I waited a few weeks before I wrote this tasting because I was told by a friend that he had ordered a few and would like to smoke one with me. On August 3, 2003, a year and a day after me friend moved to Los Angeles from Chicago, we were on the patio of his Wilshire Boulevard Penthouse, sipping a freshly made cup of espresso, Siglo VI in hand.

I am glad to say that the cigar had the exact notes as the one gifted by Mitchell. My good friend, Rami Ron (whom I met in Havana, several years ago on a trip there with Mitchell), received his cigars from a Mediterranean retailer just a few days earlier. The cigars were part of a special Sample Pack which is no longer available (Rami is a devout customer of CGARSLTD).

Happily, I could not add anything to my earlier tasting notes, other than to advise all readers to grab onto as many boxes of the Siglo VI's as they can. I truly believe this cigar will be in such demand that they will be at a premium in the very near future. Buy a few boxes, at least, one to smoke over the next few months, two to save for a special occasion.


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